Leaving Las Vegas

As I write this we’re about half way between Las Vegas and LA. We picked up the rental car from the airport this morning after checking out of the Luxor. We thought we were going to have an issue with having myself on the insurance but apparently it’s grand. It’s much better having the option of a third driver anyway. We’re covering a hell of a lot of miles on this trip.

I suppose I should give my thoughts on Vegas overall. The undoubted highlight was the helicopter trip out to the Grand Canyon. That was phenomenal. You really don’t get a sense of scale by seeing it on the TV or in the cinema. Coming in to land in the basin by the Colorado River took my breath away. Proving that you can’t go anywhere Highly recommended.

Last night for dinner we booked tickets for the Tournament of Kings in Excalibur. At first I wasn’t too sure what to think of it to be honest. The seating around the arena is split into different countries and each country has a knight. We happened to be seated in Ireland. 🙂 It was quite funny when our knight was “eliminated” from the tournament and we proceeded to berate his slayer, the evil knight from France, for the rest of the evening.

After dinner We took a walk up the Strip hoping to catch the Bellagio fountains and the Venetian. I’ll upload a video when Youtube fixes itself. Afterwards we headed up to the Venetian. It was about midnight by the time we reached there so the gondolas had finished up. The canals are actually on the second level above the casino suprisingly. It really is one of the most impressive hotels you can see in Vegas. We’re approaching LA now so I’m gonna finish this off. More updates soon.

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