Dars Vegas experience

Were all finished with Vegas, and I’m sitting on the bed in our room in LA. Items of note so far and my highlights in Vegas. We got 2 double beds in the rooms. We were expecting tripple rooms (3 single beds or a double and 2 singles). Its been fine so far though. Bed is only a place to lay our heads. The first night we were all wrecked, especailly me. I was buzzing when we got to the hotel and pushing to head out, but once we got out and were having a bite to eat it all hit me. A good nights sleep later and we were all set up for the first full day. Myself and Tony were pushing to see the Irish game as well as wanting to head on the helicopter tour.

Tony said there was an Irish bar at the golden nugget, so we checked at the front desk as to when and where we could do the chopper tour. There was one going later that day, so we set a pickup for the golden nugget. After just getting a taxi, Tony realised that the golden nugget was not the place where the Irish bar was, and when we got to the irish bar, we were told a German bar shows football, and then when we got to the German bar, they only showed the Hungary, Denmark game. We watched it anyway as there was nothing better to do till the chopper pickup. A text home at half time told us Ireland won and that the game was over.

The chopper ride over the canyon was amazing. Videos and pictures are available. Tony will get round to posting links to the videos. It was a real highlight of the holiday so far.

After the chopper ride, the first post applies, but we did head out on the night. It was some night that included me betting $100 on one game of roulette and winning. Then blowing it all 🙂

Next morning was hangover central for me, but a swim really woke me up. We headed to hooters for breakfast, a fine upstanding diner based on owls. I have to say that I was disappointed in the owls on display, but the girls were very pretty. The final evening in Vegas was spent, going to the Mandalay Bay hotel and the aquarium thats in the hotel. The hotel is that big it can hold a massive aquarium with shops etc. For dinner we headed to the Tournament of Kings show. We were sat in a section that cheered on the Irish king. He lost every game but got the best cheers. It was a fun night, especailly booing the French king. The whole section joined in. The actor even found it amusing. Then we headed down the strip to see the Balagio fountain show which was amazing, videos to follow, and finally into the Venitian, which was one of the most amazing hotels here. Once you got to their shopping area, it looked like daylight inside. They also had a river and gondala ride.

The luxor is a sight to behold (especially the lighting at night)
The height we were up on our floor looking out over the floor
The entire grand canyon flight
Putting $100 down on one bet and winning
Doing a Matador and walking down the hotel corridor in an irish hat, sunglasses and my underwear
The Mandalay Bay hotel, the hotel is huge inside, and the aquarium is class too
The Balagio fountain show
The inside of the Venitian
The drive to LA.


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🙂 Lol!! poor T! btw im gettin more jealous of u all every time I read this blog 🙁

hya honey just wanted to let you know that I got the web text so I know u’ve no coverage…thanks for helping me worry less bout ya! have fun! enjoy white water rafting n Mia says hi!! xoxo

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