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Firefox 3 party

What a great aul night. Hosted in Cineworld as part of the IOTC conference, we were greeted with free beers (thank you sponsors) and a fairly full bar at 7.30.

Conversations ensued with the guys from Blacknight (George, Keith and Niall), Ellybabes, Mick and Mike from Cars, David Maybury, Laura Czajkowski, Paul Walsh, Adrian ‘Aido’ McMahon, Conn Ó Muíneacháin and a host of others.

My trusty cohorts on the night provided the funnies and Darragh got a group of us together (including a few Irish bloggers) for this pic:
Group shot

My favourite shot of the night is this one, it’s the Friday Photo. Kudos to for the green screened photos, there’s a few more here. As a nice bonus I won a t-shirt. Well I jumped highest to grab it anyway. 🙂

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There seems to be a few challengers there for King of the Nerds. Im home on the 10th so hope your around for beers. I haven’t downloaded Firefox 3 yet might do tonight and I think I am going back to Windows XP, Vista is seriously fucking with my mental health.

@Johnny: There was. None can claim the crown legitimately though. Ah shite, I’m away on the 11th to Ballina. A few of the lads are doing a triathalon so I’ve decided to be there to throw eggs at them.

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