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iPhone 3G – My take

I’m a geek so haven’t failed to notice the furore surrounding Steve Job’s keynote speech at Apple’s WWDC today. The core announcement, expected and made, was the 3G iPhone. It was a key feature missing from the original iPhone and hampered it’s claim to be a next-gen phone. Another great addition is GPS. It seems to be utilizing a number of technologies to accurately assess where you are and will really open up the possibilities in terms of location based information.

While I was really impressed to see those features, one thing I am disappointed about is the camera. I’ve seen a lot of shots taken with the iPhone and they just don’t look good enough. The lack of a decent sensor and flash make pics look washed out. It’s clear that a camera isn’t top priority for Apple and they’ve innovated elsewhere. I do use the camea on my k800i a lot though so don’t know if I could make the switch.

I’m taking a trip to the US in September so will see how things pan out over the next few months. 3G iPhone launches on 11th July. Unsure of how the contracts will work with o2 here. They’ll probably be near identical to what’s in place at the moment. Data limits need to be abolished though. It’s ridiculous to have such limits when the phone is so dependent on data.

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Alright TONERS! I have been paying attention to that myself, I like the look of it and I might upgrade come August when it launches in England. The camera is disappointing they need to make it at least 5 megapixels and add the features you suggested. I am still not to sure how they could achieve this and keep the price down but im sure its possible. Would also like to see a larger memory capacity. 16 gbs just doesnt do it for me. Great that they have 3g now, I have a 3g phone and I like surfing on it, only problem is its the ericsson k850i which you might have heard yourself breaks down an awful lot. I have had to send it off to get the touch screen repaired.

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