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The wrong colour tickets

The wrong colour tickets

I got an email from Ticketmaster late last week stating that:

Unfortunately due to a ticket printing error we will need to issue you with replacement tickets for the Republic of Ireland -V- Serbia game. Tickets which have been issued to you were printed using Ticketmaster ticket stock which is Blue in colour. For this event the FAI wish to use their own ticket stock which is green in colour.

Were they really going to re-print a load of new tickets with the exact same details because of the colour?! Wtf? In an age where they’re trying to convince us of the Power of One and to check our Carbon Count Number, this type of thing just makes me more convinced of the fact that they’re clueless.

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Did John Delaney call a press conference to assure us there is no problem with the tickets and the tickets will be fine if you have a correct coloured ticket for the game which the ticket is for?

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