Never beer with bloggers

Darren does Rick Astley

Well at least the ones I know, they’re crazy (but in a good way). Last Saturday was Blogger Beers as arranged by Alexia. The first time I met most of these folks was when Elly organized a TwitUp for people connected through Twitter, the microblogging tool. When I say ‘these folks’ I actually mean:

Darren (giving it Rick Astley in my suit jacket above)

As always I’m always late to the game in blogging about the actual night. Darren has photos from the night here, Ben does his summation here, Alexia thanks people here and Darragh blogs it before the rest of us. 🙂

Davy and Phil I met on the night for the first time. They were on the photoblogger meetup earlier in the day and it was great to chat with them for a while. I only realised afterwards that I had read Phil’s blog before. He’s published a few photos from the day and a group shot of us.

I’ve become firm friends with these people even though I knew none of them up to eight weeks ago. I think that’s quite cool and I look forward to more random nights out with the them.

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I couldn’t put it better myself. It’s been a surprising and fantastic last three months for me. Looking forward to many more random meetings (Go Kilkenny!) 😀 😀

one of the better pics of the night. .

Great night had!

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