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Retro TV – You Bet!

Who remembers this one? I’m talking about the decent version with Matthew Kelly, not that moron Darren Day who took it over in the latter years. For those not familiar with the show it can be summed up as:

Members of the public bet they can do a particularly whacky, impressive or just plain dangerous feat. 100 members of the audience bet on whether they think they can do it, as do four celebritys. The celebs try to guess the correct outcome, thus earning points (which are later turned into pounds for charity) as well as avoiding the all-important celebrity forfeit.

What was great about it was the genuine sense of will they/won’t they to it all. I remember one guy guessing Michael Jackson songs from the first two seconds. Impressive stuff.

Here’s folks trying to make 20 pizzas in 2 mins:

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