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Oh United we love you

United reached the Champions League final last night with a 1-0 home win over Barcelona. It was an edgy game with Barca having the majority of the possession but Scholes stepped up with a fantastic hit from 25 yards. Was watching it down the Ball Alley with the lads and it was sheer joy when the final whistle went. Still on a high this morning. Tonight’s game between Liverpool and Chelsea will decide who we meet in Moscow next month. I’d prefer Liverpool as I believe it’d be a better game.

There was a great Nike ad on before the game as well. It’s quite funny. Available here

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Absolute belter of a goal and well played by United. Read alot of negative crap in the papers about Fergie got the tactics wrong. I dont understand how sports writers can say he got it wrong one week and right the next on a two legged game. CL games rarely are a one sided event. Its true, you do need a bit of luck to get to the final and perhaps the fact that United have had a full squad for the second half of the season has made the difference. Only players not fit at the moment are Neville and Saha. Rooney is nursing a bruised thigh and Vidic got a knee to the face, both will make the final with little or no fitness lost. Teams do fuck all training this time of the year. Its cotton wool time and I cant wait til we stuff those Blue Bastards.

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