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Karaoke DaveApologies for the lack of the blogging. Been quite busy, etc etc. Here’s the news:

  • The site has moved home once more. Now it’s sitting on a shiny new thing from Blacknight called a VPS. Michele was great in talking me through some of the intricacies the other night and I managed to sort the full move today. You should check them out. Real cheap and complete control. Grandad has a great story on how he’s done the same.
  • I’ve got a cold (again). This time I decided to go to the doc and I’m on antibiotics for the next few days. Hence the post title.
  • Finished Battlestar Galactica season one last weekend so I’m getting stuck into season two. They keep raising the bar in terms of the storyline and I’m enjoying it. Long way to go until I catch up though, season 4 is on Sky at the moment.
  • Last weekend was a bit bizarre in that it involved back to back nights of karaoke. Friday was a co-worker leaving so went to Ukiyo where they have karaoke booths under the restaurant. Saturday was down the local pub where I got ropped into singing ‘Stairway to Heaven’, well a group of us did. Fun times.

Tonight I may make it as far as the Ball Alley to watch the game. See how I feel. I’ll leave you with this video UnaRocks found:

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I’ve seen this VPS thing being advertised. To a complete (and I mean COMPLETE) newbie what does it mean? Why is it better than other hosting? Why would you need it?

I know I could ask Blacknight but sure I’m here now!


Darragh it basically gives you complete control over your own virtual server. For me, it’s like the difference between taking the bus (shared hosting) and owning a car (VPS). With the bus, it works most of the time and if it breaks down, Dublin Bus will fix it. However if I own a car, I can tweak the engine, add alloys etc but when it breaks down, I have to sort out fixing it.

I switched because I like having control over the complete working of my site. There’s been a little bit of a learning curve for me with it but I now feel comfortable making changes etc. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for that Anthony – I’m sure I will have other questions alright, as to why I’d need complete control over my server, what a website is and how I can make one and what colour the wind is, Daddy, but they can wait for a pint. Or three. 😉

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