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Geeks Gone Wild – CreativeCamp ’08

Watching the big screen at CreativeCamp (Copyright of John Handelaar)

Last Saturday was CreativeCamp in Kilkenny. Basically it’s an informal get together of creatively minded people to discuss, debate and network. It was my first time to attend one of these events and, to be frank, I wish I had attended more in the past. It was superb. The whole structure of the day was just so easy and free flowing. I saw the genuine passion for “Web 2” and the ideas and startups developing in Ireland. In fact the scene seems to be more vibrant away from Dublin.

I met and listened to some great people including: Bernie Goldbach (like a human tornado of ideas and concepts), Ellybabes (dashed over when I turned the rugby on the laptop), Ken McGuire, the guys from Blacknight (Michele, Keith, Niall, George, Niamh and Cara), Jason Roe, Will Knott, Alan O’Rourke, John Handelaar, Damian Beresford and John O’Connor and finally Conor O’Nolan.

Afterwards I had dinner with some of the guys and then a few beers with John H, Will, Jason and Alan before retiring to bed. Looking forward to the next one already.

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omg u have fuckin done it now. well im gonna nerd it up even more thinking of writing a facebook app if you want to get involved, its top secret but bound to make us millions well probably nothing but wel be heros. email me you bastard. ]]]

ps whats with the kid being there and what was everyone watching to make them smile

@John Casement: The kid was a son of one of the guys who was attending. We were watching a sitcom developed by lads in Kilkenny. Can’t remember the name of it now.

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