Please stop playing that bloody tune

Which song am I referring to? Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. It’s become the go-to song for DJs across Ireland over the past six months and I’m sick of it. Can they not find another retro song to latch on to? It was played three times in the space of a few hours on Saturday night in the local late bar. I enjoyed when it first re-appeared on the airwaves but it’s getting a bit ridiculous now.


  1. John Casement   •  

    You were loving it when we were in the Palace and it played. Hard to believe this is all down to it, being the last song played in Sopranos.

  2. anthony   •     Author

    Ah yeah but the Garryowen suited it perfectly. 😆 Yeah that’s it man. There’s so many great tracks that DJs are simply afraid to play.

  3. Ben   •  

    Crazy to see the songs coming full circle that were released YEARS ago but i’ve been out and heard it 3 times in one night. Kinda grinds on the ears after that but for the people who are hideously drunk it just seems like its groundhog night…


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