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Sidebar shenanigans

If your not reading this in a feed reader then you may notice a few changes on the side bar. I’ve switched it around slightly and have installed the rather impressive Now Reading plugin. I wanted a way to show people what I’m reading at the moment and it fills the bill rather well. I’ve tweaked the display slightly with the template functions but have yet to really explore features like the library. Will do in the future. I’ve also ditched the Jaiku updates in favour of my ones from Twitter and I’ve also lowered the amount of stories shown in the Digg box to 5.

4 replies on “Sidebar shenanigans”

Where are you in the book?

I’m up to where he’s on life-support.

not too bad a read.

I finished it last night Robin. Good read and gives you a sense of what someone who suffers an injury like that must go through.

You should get the JinkJink plugin. I’m installing Hucknall and my JumBook feed in time for my first post in 6 months this weekend.

I dunno about the Hucknall, Kev. Although something got me started installing new plugins.

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