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Lunchtime entertainment update

  • Gemma Arterton is confirmed as a Bond girl for film 22. Apparently she won’t be the female lead but Bond may well get to have his way with her at some stage during the film. Lucky bastard.
  • BBC have their Sound of 2008 list out. I don’t think last years list was really on the money so I’ll take this years one with a pinch of salt.
  • Warner Bros abandoning HD-DVD. It’s looking a bit ominous for HD-DVD after this decision. 70% of the big studios now have their weight behind Blu-Ray. Since I don’t have a HD tele I won’t be investing for some time to come.

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I was going to comment about the HD TV thing, think you’d misunderstood the issues involved, but… It was I who had misunderstood you. Never under estimate the power of Anto!

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