Gripes with RTE News online

Alexia blogged about RTE News online today and got me thinking. So here’s my gripes:

  • Why do they use such crappy photos? There’s a story today about Dublin Airport’s new Pier D opening. Now, normally I would expect a picture of the Pier to accompany the story. No such luck, instead we get a picture of the control tower ( 😕 ) which looks like it’s been taken on a camera phone (an old one). Seriously, is it that hard to source decent imagery?
  • Video: why are they still using RealPlayer? 😡 In the age of Flash video there’s absolutely no need to use a proprietary player. It hobbles the service and guarantees that I rarely watch anything on the site. RealPlayer’s time has long since been and gone.

They’ve improved the site a lot over the past few years but there are elements of it which just make me roll my eyes.

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