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It’s only rock ‘n’ roll but I like it

Went to see the Stones in Slane on Saturday. Phenomenal gig and the rain held off which was a bonus. Didn’t stop my shoes getting caked in mud though. Here’s the beginning of the gig which was posted to the Youtubes:

It seems like I’m always the last one to notice bands, cases in point would be Maximo Park and Arcade Fire. I’ve listened to some MP stuff over the past couple of days and have been well impressed.

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Hi Anthony,I put some of my videos of the Stones onto youtube in case you want to look at them.It was a great gig wasnt it?Thanks again for the ticket.

Glad you finally noticed the Rolling Stones. I heard they’ve got a few earlier albums out too, apparently they’ve been around for a while. I thought they were one of these new bands that just tries to copy older stuff like Maximo Park or something.

tgwaof: Books from Boxes is a great tune. I haven’t listened to the first album. Must get it.

Irvine: I just watched them Irvine. That’s good quality for a phone alright.

kevintel: 🙂 Smart ass.

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