Top Five Keywords

Donncha has posted up 10 dodgy keywords that people have used to find his site. Quite funny actually. He asked other bloggers to examine theirs so here’s my top five:

  1. roaccutane: the drug I was on for my acne. Fair and away the biggest traffic generator.
  2. v for vendetta speech: it seems like a lot of people want the text of it.
  3. studio 60 on the sunset strip cancelled: after the show was put “on hiatus”, this became quite popular. The rest of the series is due to be aired starting 24th May in the States.
  4. meebo: the popular web-based IM thingamajig.
  5. spiderman 3 plot: I saw it tonight, will post a review tomorrow


  1. shibbz   •  

    Oh yo hit me up with the review! No spoilers tho yea. I got rejected by a ‘sold out’ sign tonight!

  2. Donncha O Caoimh   •  

    OMG, I used Roaccutane many years ago for the same reason. Are you getting monthly blood tests too? That stuff is dangerous!

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  5. flasht   •  

    Maybe you should put some roaccutane ads on this blog. Could earn you some nice cash! I bet that is a pretty competitive keyword…

  6. zee homebug   •  

    I’m always so intrigued by search engine keywords that lure people to my own site. I feel a little guilty pleasure when I see that someone has been lead to my site by googling something I’ve been slagging off!

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