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Fionn Regan is a singer-songwriter dude from Bray. I got a random link to one of his videos a while ago for his song ‘Be Good or Be Gone’ (video in the full post). Incidentally that particular track is being used in a Toyota ad at the moment. In finding out about his music I visited his official site two weeks ago and had a browse. UnaRocks linked to another one of his tracks called ‘Put a Penny in the Slot’ (mp3 clickage) so I decided to go back to see where I could get a hold of his album and bam, up pops a generic spam/hosting page. “That’s weird, I thought that was the address”, so I googled it and the cache has the site as it was. After looking up his myspace page it appears as if he’s aware of the problem and is gonna fix it.

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