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Suit up – Viacom vs Google/YouTube

John Stewart - The Daily Show
Apparently Google and YouTube are being sued by Viacom for “massive intentional copyright infringement.” How did it take them this long to react? YouTube is all about the copyrighted content. I’m not particularly keen about watching some 15-year-old tell me why Ireland are doing so badly in the qualifiers. Content like that doesn’t interest me but clips of ‘The Daily Show’ do. Viacom’s case will be the fact that YouTube and Google are making advertising revenue from their content, which is fair enough. The fact is that traditional media companies like Viacom are incredibly confused about “the internets” and refuse to break down their traditional revenue models to accomodate new technology. Some lawyers are about to make a mint if this goes to court.

2 replies on “Suit up – Viacom vs Google/YouTube”

Christ that’s fast. Seems like 30 minutes ago you were trying to escape the pub. Glad we got you out for a bit.

Hey, if YouTube gets hammered, will you still post stuff?

I set the timestamp to post it at 8. You can actually queue posts up like that, quite handy.

If YouTube is neutered then i’ll still find stuff from other sources. 🙂

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