Feeding time

I’m robbing this meme from Dave and Neil who got it from Snackie’s World :).

  • Do you read blogs off of the list that is linked on your site or do you use a feed reader? I tend to use a feedreader for any reading that I do throughout the day. The links I have in my blogroll are those that I’m interested in but I have far more feeds in Bloglines.
  • If so, what feed reader? I’ve been using Bloglines for a couple of years now. A lot of people seem to have switched to Google Reader but I personally can’t stand it.
  • What about adding people to your feed reader? I’ll generally add blogs that people have recommended/linked to, give them a few weeks to see if I like the content and if I don’t I’ll remove it. I’ve been meaning to add a few of the finalists from the Irish Blog Awards.
  • What is your policy on adding people to your blogroll? I only link to a few blogs in the blogroll so they’re generally the sites I like to read most.
  • What about deleting them from your blogroll? I rarely have to remove blogs from the list unless they have stopped publishing.
  • Would you delete them from your reader and not your blogroll? Generally if I delete from one it’ll be gone from the other pretty soon afterwards.

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