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The weekend that was

Had a great weekend last weekend and it can be summed up in bullet points:

  • Friday night I had a couple of drinks in the local whilst entertained by the bantering between Paul and Des.
  • Saturday morning is surmised in it’s own entry here.
  • Saturday evening was the Dublin vs Tyrone game at Croke Park. It was the first game to be played under floodlights ahead of the rugby and football internationals due to be staged there over the coming weeks. It was my first time there at a match and it’s seriously impressive with a capacity crowd of 82,000. There’s a photo from the night and a video in the extended entry. Quite randomly I got chatting to our taxi driver on the way home who is Jason Roe‘s dad. I’ve heard of Jason’s work through Damien Mulley‘s blog awards.
  • Sunday was the Superbowl. Now knowing next to nothing about American football doesn’t help when watching the sport but I think I picked up on enough to know what was going on. One of the guys from the local put on food and drink resulting in a late but very enjoyable evening.
  • Today and yesterday I took off work to chill out and organise things. I’ve caught up on a lot of shows I had to watch and that brings me to my quote of the week from Studio 60: “I’ve got the animal kingdom axis of evil underneath my stage”


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I agree Anthony. Croker was fantastic looking for the match. I’ve been there before but it was fantastic with the flood-lights and the moon rising over the Hill. Only wish I’d a bloody camera!

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