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Knocklyn United 0 – Dunboyne AFC 0

Forgot to write up a report for the game last Saturday so only getting to it now. 🙂 A tight game for us by all accounts. Had a full turn out of 11 players and we arrived at their pitch early so we went through a light warm up. The pitch they played on had a slight downhill angle on it and we played that way in the first half. Chances for us were few and far between unfortunately and I knew we’d have a hard time coping with their pace and passing. Knocklyn had a few chances here and there but we kept them at bay without too many scares. The second half would be tougher though and we must have weathered maybe 3/4 goal mouth scrambles most of which our goalie did extremely well to smoother. He’s really coming into his own and deserves a lot of credit for keeping a clean sheet against, what turned out to be, the league leaders. A progression from our last game and the first points of the season. Hopefully it’s a home game this week so we can rally some additional support.

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