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Been pretty busy of late in work, hence the lack of posts. We’re within two weeks of the new going to “soft launch” and I’m starting to get excited about it again. It’s been a long process to get to where we are now but I honestly believe that the new version will be a true portal for the city. Of course, it’s taken a hell of a lot of work to get to where we are and it’s been quite tough but I think we’ll see the benefits over the next few months. 🙂

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Don’t forget to mention that the Fitzwilliam Hotel (at St. Stephen’s Green) has the Best Showers In The Universe! I wrote about them here. I often dream of visiting Dublin yet again, just so I can take a shower at The Fitzwilliam! 😀

Never stayed there to be honest Dave. Looks great though. I’m sure the Fitzwilliam would tell you where you could get a similiar shower for your place. 🙂

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