Weekend at….Dars

Paddy celebrates Friday night was back to football after a two week hiatus and it felt good to get back doing some exercise. I played quite well and didn’t have any pain in the muscles the next day. Which leads me to Saturday and the World Cup Quarter Finals between England/Portugal and France/Brazil. We had planned to book tickets for Apres Match at the Vicar Street (which meant we’d be watching the Brazil game there) but Paddy booked the wrong tickets so we’re going for the final this weekend.

Since we had set the Saturday aside we decided to meetup at Dar’s place to watch the games. The England and Portugal game was fairly uneventful and highlighted Sven Goran Eriksson’s tactical inability. No way should Rooney have been played on his own up front. Wasn’t impessed with Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction to his foul on Carvalho and thought the red card was a wrong decision. However, England went out on penalties and Portugal face France next, who did really well to get past Brazil. We also played a lot of Pro Evolution Soccer on the XBox. It’s by far the best football game around and we’re quite competitive which lead to some ridiculous celebrations such as Paddy’s shown to your right. 🙂

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