Text Support

As a geek I get my fair share of requests for help when it comes to technology. Oftentimes I’ll stop out to a mate’s place to check out why Windows isn’t working properly or why torrents are going slower etc. One thing that does get on my nerves though is text support. That is, people SMS texting me and asking why ‘x, y or such and such’ isn’t working and do I know a fix. It’s next to impossible to troubleshoot problems by SMS. Anyone who knows computers knows of the many permutations to almost each and every problem. Phone calls are a similiar story. Unless I’m sitting at the computer and able to see for myself what is going on, then I’m unlikely to be able to solve the problem. Plus, I don’t want to spend money on a 20 text conversation to establish that I’ll really need to drop over if we’re going to fix anything. Ah well, the joys of being knowledgeable about technology. 🙂

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