London Baby!

London Baby! Last weekend I travelled over to London with the lads to visit another mate who’s been living there for the past year. It was an early morning flight out of Dublin and we arrived at his place around 11. He was suffering from a hangover which made our arrival even better in that we all approached the door one by one and then waited until he walked back up the stairs before the next person called. 🙂 It was a scorcher of a day on the Saturday so we went to play frisbee and football in the park. Later that night we headed into the west end of London to a club called The Roxy. The music was fantastic (William Shatner, MC Hammer, Oasis etc) and the place was really chilled. Paddy was in great mood and produced “The Carlton” on a number of occasions as well as the tried and tested “Love Machine”. Needless to say, we had a great night which ended with the most bizarre taxi ride I’ve ever taken with the driver played hardcore techo music the whole way.

Sunday was a tad more subdued as it was still very humid so we lounged around watching the World Cup and met up for food in an Irish chain bar close to where Aidan lives. We decided to head back into the West End and see if any decent clubs were open but we got stuck with some place called “Petra”. You get a certain vibe from a place and this place seemed the polar opposite of The Roxy. We didn’t stick around too long and headed back to Hammersmith after a short sujorn down Oxford Street. The next morning we were trying to kill time before our flight so went for a short walk in the park and found an abadonded playground. Being the eejits we are, we couldn’t help but try out the zip line. 🙂 All in all, a good weekend and great to see Aidan again. The photos are here.

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Ha, its Aidans weekend and he didnt even get a mention by name, but I did. Fantastic.8)

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