Been quite busy of late hence the lack of updates. I’ll just do a brief roundup so:

  • Went to see Editors last Wednesday in the Ambassador so I’ll be posting up photos from the gig later on.
  • Yesterday was baby April’s christening (Dave and Mary’s baby) and I was a godfather. Really nice occasion and good to catch up with them as I haven’t seen them in a while.
  • Work is a bit mad at the moment. We’re moving our servers from one host to another which means the website plus the email system. It has to be done by Wednesday as well or we’ll run into another month of costs with the old host. Will be a late night tomorrow as a result. 🙁

2 replies on “Busy”

Who are you moving the hosting to? Hosting365? When can we expect the new site?

So many questions, we must meet up soon and discuss.

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