Finnair Panda Commercial

Excellent commercial for Finnair with a panda taking trips around the world. Kinda makes me want to book a flight.

5 replies on “Finnair Panda Commercial”

I think we’re invited to believe he got himself some panda-lovin’ on one of his sojourns abroad.

i think you’re gettting soft in your old age tony man, 32 last week and already gettin broody about baby panda. 😆

Conor: “International Jet-Setting Panda gets Britney up-the-damien-duff Shocker!!”

Trev: I don’t think it’s a baby panda, sure how would he get a passport?

:):):):):):):) I LOVE :):):):):):):)
The panda is a so beautiful animal :wink:And the clip is so good 😀
Great advert from Finnair 😉

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