Comical Night

Had a great night last Saturday at the International. It was due to be a forum meetup from one of the sites I visit but turned out that just two of us made it along (hi lisa! :P). The comedians on the night were:

Alice McKay: Did some very entertaining skits on women’s attitude to sex and porn. She also did a scary nun routine which Lisa found all to familiar. 🙂

Colum McDonell: He started off at some pace and didn’t slow down for his whole routine. Brilliant energy and his jokes about bumper cars and how the Dutch are superstitous of cats had us rolling around laughing. Top stuff. 😆

Damien Clarke: I had heard of Damien but this was my first time to see him live. Like Colum he has a lot of energy and his routine was excellent, touching on unique Irish words like ‘deadly’ and Australia’s solution to road fatalities, ‘Time for a power nap!’. 😀

There was also some young guy on in the open slot who was very good. Reminded me of Mitch Hedburg’s style of one liners and although he was nervous, he held it together really well and the crowd enjoyed him.

After the comedy we headed over to Rogue on Dame St for Discotonic (stopping on the way to pick up a Variety Pack). It’s run by Stephen Manning, another guy from the aforementioned forum and they play disco music till the early hours. I wasn’t sure if I’d like that style but it turned out to be really good.

As we walked back into town afterwards we must have “interviewed” about 20 people on who they were supporting for the Heineken Cup considering two Irish sides are facing off against each other in the semi-final in three weeks, namely Leinster and Munster. Some people weren’t so keen on answering the question though. 😆 All in all, a great night.

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