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Inside Man

Inside ManI’m generally a fan of heist films and this one is a real gem. I haven’t viewed most of Spike Lee’s previous back catalogue so I didn’t come into the film with any preconceptions. Essentially Inside Man is about a bank robbery. Clive Owen is a man on a mission, raiding one of Manhattan’s biggest banks in broad daylight.

The movie surrounds the interplay between Clive Owen’s character and Denzel Washington’s hostage negotiator. Both actors are on top form and the sense of tension between them is palpable. There’s also some wonderful scenes with bit-part characters contributing to the story in a way I wouldn’t have expected. Pop-culture references are also included with a bank employee’s ringtone and a kid’s videogame. When the finale comes it’s dealt with intelligently and is unveiled bit by bit. It makes you think about how we judge things and the values associated with power.

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i pay five dollah te watch denzel,
i don’t pay no five dollah to watch me no honkey bruce willis, i wants ta see denzel, i gots to see denzel, don’t make me all up on you in here.

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