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My Name Is Yu Ming

Sarah from work had been talking about this short film a while back but I didn’t think it was available on the web.

A bored Chinese shopkeep learns Gaelic and moves to Dublin only to find the locals no longer speak their mother tongue. Follow Yu Ming as he pursues his dream of life in the Celtic world.

My Name Is Yu Ming at AtomFilms via Donncha

8 replies on “My Name Is Yu Ming”

I have a nephew who’s half chinese. I refer to him as Ping Pong, the Half-Blood Prince. I don’t know if this makes me a racist, and I’d really like your opinion.

*Looks up handbook* Nope, that doesnt make you a racist. Rest easy.

Does anybody know where i could get my hands on a copy of this film.I have seen it and its graet.I now want to show it to my irish classes.thanks

Hi Laoise. I can’t seem to find it for sale or the web. I have a friend who works in the RTE archive though and they may have shown it at one stage. Will check in with him anyway.

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