1. trev   •  

    yu ming is ainm dom

  2. Conor   •  

    I have a nephew who’s half chinese. I refer to him as Ping Pong, the Half-Blood Prince. I don’t know if this makes me a racist, and I’d really like your opinion.

  3. anthony   •     Author

    *Looks up handbook* Nope, that doesnt make you a racist. Rest easy.

  4. Wolfy   •  

    But is your nephew really Pong Ping?

  5. trev   •  

    no thats not racist, now ping pong the half blood chink would be racist.

  6. Laoise   •  

    Does anybody know where i could get my hands on a copy of this film.I have seen it and its graet.I now want to show it to my irish classes.thanks

  7. anthony   •     Author

    Hi Laoise. I can’t seem to find it for sale or the web. I have a friend who works in the RTE archive though and they may have shown it at one stage. Will check in with him anyway.

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