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Fecking rain

Today was officially one of the worst this year weatherwise(according to my painting of how my commute went). When I left work it was pretty windy but when I got to the bus stop it just started plunging down and my clothes were ringing went by the time I got on the bus. Then the journey took 2 hours instead of the usual 1 hour at rush hour. 👿 Bugger.

Anyhow, had to cancel the planned training session for tonight. It wasn’t worth bringing the lads out in weather like that, especially since the pitches have been closed so much over the past while. We’ve played one game this season which was a 0-6 loss to Swords but myself and Jimmy have a new trainer in with them who really knows his stuff. Hopefully they’ll be in better shape when it comes to the next game.

Was delighted with yesterdays result in the Man United (1) vs Chelsea (0) game. True that Fletcher probably didn’t intend to put it in the back of the net but they all count. I can’t believe Jose Mourinho saying that Chelsea were the better team. Then how come they lost Jose? The man’s a muppet.

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how come they lost jose,hmm can you tell me that jose, hmm how come, hmm they lost hmm, how come jose well jose how come

By the way, Gift Grub on Today FM do a fantastic Jose impression. Must buy the CD.

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