Went for lunch in Shanahans on the Green this afternoon. It’s basically Dublin’s most expensive restaurant and I can attest to that after seeing the bill. 😯 Thankfully it was a treat for my section by our boss as this is something he does ever once in a while. Everyone went for the steak and they were gorgeous. I went for a ‘Filet Mignon’ which was a 12 oz steak done medium. Gorgeous. 😀 In unrelated news, the football game tonight sees the departure of one of the lads to England. Should be a good turnout for it. BTW: I’m supporting MacGyver for President in 2008.

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Interesting…I intended to go here for my Graduation dinner and then read so many negative reviews on the web that I changed my mind…If you, or your big cuddly Dad were paying, would you still recommend?

Well I hadn’t read anything about the place before we went. I actually didn’t even know it existed, I just knew there was a posh restaurant there. 🙂 To be honest, I’d find it hard to justify those prices if it was my own money. €45 for a steak is steep in anyones language.

You jammy git! I don’t remember being treated to Shanahan’s or its equivalent when I worked there. You chaps must have been working extra-hard 🙂

Shocking Ryano, I know. We have been working extra hard though. 😉

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