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Live 8

Well the Live 8 gig has just finished in Hyde Park. I watched most of it from the start at 2pm and have to say it was a fantastic event. My favourite performers were (in no particular order):

  • Robbie Williams: really gets the crowd going and needs to start touring again. Fantastic.
  • Snow Patrol: was nice to see the lad forget the lyrics. Showed what a huge event it really is and these people are human.
  • The Killers: appropriate song for the occasion and a good performance.
  • The Who: I’m not a big fan but they were fantastic for their age.
  • Pink Floyd: Back together after 21 years and a tribute to the sound of their generation. Legend.
  • U2: Really kicked things off well with Paul McCartney and Beautiful Day really suited the occasion.
  • Sting: always liked his stuff.
  • Coldplay: Love their song ‘What If?’ from the new album and it was a kicking rendition.

I think Snoop Dogg was a bit of a bleeding eejit. He keep wanting the crowd to chant his name but they’re not there to see him. They’re there to add their voice to millions around the world calling for increased aid, fair trade and debt cancellation. Muppet.

Hopefully the gigs will make a difference on Wednesday but it doesn’t look like there’ll be much movement on fair trade and bringing down the barriers. I hope to God I’m wrong and that the world leaders will step up and listen to their people.

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