Jackson Verdict

Well the Jackson verdict came in last night and I have to say that I’m glad he wasn’t convicted. I haven’t talked about the trial at all on the blog so I’ll explain my views as best I can below. Note that I haven’t been following the trial closely so some of my views may be based on less than solid facts.

First of all I think MJ is crazy. Not crazy as in insane but crazy as in really out there. The man simply does not conform to most adult behavioural patterns at all. Anyone who saw the Martin Bashir documentary knows this. The whole thing of kids sleeping in his bed does not make sense to 99% of normal people. Then again it’s not against the law to let kids sleep in your bed, or want to for that matter. I’ve been suprised at the amount of armchair judges over the past few months prescribing the theory that if he wants kids to sleep in his bed then he’s immediately guilty and thrown in jail. Guilty of what? Yes it’s sick and I don’t think I’ll ever understand it but I’m also aware of the law.

Secondly when you have a family as questionable as the Arvizo’s then your looking at a very difficult case to persue. The mother has lied under oath before. If I was on the jury that would effectively rule out her testimony for me. How can you trust a person like that? There’s a history of dodgy behaviour there and it doesn’t add up. So down to brass tax, why am I glad he wasn’t convicted? The weight of evidence there was no enough to convict anyone. Yes he has paid off other kids in the past but that may have been to avoid the lengthy court procedure we’ve all witnessed and he may have been completely innocent. He was open to allegations of this sort with the behaviour he has exhibited and I sincerely hope he learns from this.

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