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Sin City

Sin City Wow! If one film this year can be encapsulated in that word it’s Sin City. I had a choice between this and “Mr and Mrs Smith” and boy am I happy I made the decision in favour of this. The film starts with an encounter between two strangers on a roof top and sets the tone for the rest of the film. Yes, it’s full of blood, guts and ultra-violence but this is an 18s cert entitled “Sin City” so you know what to expect, it ain’t gonna be a chick flick. The film follows three disparate stories which are sort of linked together but the concentration is put on characterisation rather than making sure everybody meets each other. Mickey Rourke is superb as Marv, an ex-con who avenges the murder of his one night stand. In fact, as Dave says, all of the cast are superb. Elijah Wood’s part definitely dispelled the Frodo image from my mind anyway. 🙂 The women are fantastic in it too. Especially Jamie King and Jessica Alba. Ding dong.

Jamie King Jessica Alba

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