FridayQ: Foreign

Can’t believe it’s been a week since my last post. Anyhow, onto the FridayQ:

What’s your native language? Do you speak any foreign languages? If so, how did you come to learn them? My native language is English. I used to be able to speak a small bit of Gaeilge (Irish) and French when I was in school but have since completely forgotten most of what I knew.

What’s your native country? Have you visited any foreign countries? If so, which ones? I’m born and bred Irish but I have visited Scotland, Wales, Spain & Portugal. I’ll be adding the Czech Republic to that list in a little over a month. 🙂

Are there any foreign foods, books, movies, or other items that you are particularly fond of? Name some of your favorites. Hmmm….I quite like Italian food. I don’t read much so books are out of the equation. On films I’ve got interested in Chinese martial arts films of late, stuff like Hero and The House of Flying Daggers.

FQ NATIVE: If you had to trade your nationality for that of any foreign country, which would you choose and why? Probably Denmark. I met a group of Danes which came over to visit our city council recently and they were very nice people. Reminded me of the Irish in terms of attitude and sense of humour.

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