Ice Skating at Smithfield

Went ice skating with Anne-Marie last night down at Smithfield. I had booked the tickets on Sunday via the web (there was no booking fee which was a nice suprise :)) so there was no hassle with queues or whatever. When we got in we discovered theres no cameras on the ice which we didn’t know but makes sense I suppose. We started out fairly tentatively by sticking to the railing. Although I think she was more nervous than me. 😀 After a while we started to get the hang of it but shortly afterwards, some girl decided to come flying up behind me and use me as a brake. All would have been fine except there was some other punter in from of me who I then ran into it and I ended up on my arse.

Anne-Marie nearly went a couple of times after that and eventually went and took me down with her. I almost stayed on my feet but managed to get up pretty quickly and get her back to her feet. We got a few more laps of the place in after that and ended up walking into town to get the bus home. All in all a good night and a change from going to the cinema all the time.

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