DCDB Christmas Do

The Christmas work do was on last Friday. I had a half day so I went home and then got the bus back in with Niamh and Rob. Went to “The Forum” bar on Dame St. first of all and then headed on to the “The Castle Inn” which is at the back of Christchurch. We then had dinner and drinks with cabaret, Neil Diamond impersonator and then a DJ until 2.30am. 🙂 Was great craic and whoever had the office digital camera certainly made use of it by taking in excess of 120 shots. Some classic photos which I have to sort out after Christmas.

Getting home was a bit of a nightmare as town was absolutely jammed. I’ve never seen it that busy and there could have been serious issues with crowd control on Westmoreland St as everyone was waiting for the nitelink. 😯 Eventually got a 67N cos Niamh and Rob were going to Celbridge. Turned out I was the only guy getting off in Lucan so I got some slagging from punters standing downstairs. 😆 All in all, a good nite.

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