Jean’s Christening

Decided to do a back post about Jean’s Christening cos Mark reminded me I didn’t write anything at the time. By all accounts it was a great day. Went round to Dave’s place for bout 2 so everyone could meet up and then travel to the church in Leixlip. The three of us were in suits which looked a bit ridiculous considering we’ve never had cause to dress up before.

The Christening itself was at 3 and everything went smoothly with Mark as godfather needing help with “Ephitians”. 🙂 The baby was christened Jean Patricia and was suprisingly quiet throughout the whole ceremony. Afterwards we went to the River Forest Hotel for food and refreshments. The United vs Arsenal game was on so we were popping in and out of the function room to watch it on the big screen. United beat them 2-0 which was a major result as it brought their unbeaten run to an end. Nice one. 😀

After that we went down to the Three Sisters pub in Leixlip for a few more drinks and a laugh. Great band on doing rock stuff. Dave was really enjoying himself dancing away. 😆 We went home bout 2 ish. All in, a great day.

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