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All round update

Been a couple of weeks since I last posted so heres a general update. Jimmy couldnt make the last game against…… I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember…..oh there it is, McKelvey Celtic. It was an away game in Finglas and the pitch had changed from last year so we had to go and find it. Luckily we had no trouble finding it and had 12 players (compared to 9 for the last away game). The performance wasn’t great though, we went 1-0 down after about 6 minutes after a break down the wing and a good finish. We then levelled things up after 20 mins with an in-swinging corner from Mohammad which was met by Colm Darcy. 🙂 After that we started to lose the plot somewhat with the midfield pushing forward too much and leaving massive gaps in behind. 🙁 That was compounded by the lack of pace in our defense at the moment and inevitably led to two more goals before the end.

At training last week Jerry mooted the idea of having a training session on the Monday evenings but I personally can’t make two nights during the week plus the games on Sunday. Hopefully we’ll be able to juggle the responsibility for training amongst us. Also met Dale, who is joining the management team, for the annual managers meeting in Slevins last week. Seems like a nice bloke but he works shift so we’ll have to see how much time he can devote. Good news anyway. We didn’t have a game last weekend so we’ll probably be in action this weekend.

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