Podcasts Recommended


I’d had it on the list for a long time, but I finally got around to listening to the NYT’s 1619 podcast this month. It examines the legacy of slavery in America and provides context for so much of how their society has developed (or not) over the few hundred years since. I hadn’t realised, but there’s also an article series too. Highly recommended.

Podcasts Recommended


I’d always wondered what really went wrong in the botched response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Atlantic’s superb ‘Floodlines’ podcast goes into detail over eight parts. From the first hand accounts from residents, to an interview with ex-FEMA chief Michael Brown, it’s a highly recommended listen.

Podcasts Recommended

Rabbit Hole

how the internet is changing, and how it’s changing us.

Rabbit Hole is an excellent narrative podcast from the New York Times, exploring how algorithms shape how we think. It’s primarily focused on Youtube, but the tech involved applies to social networks widely. It’s eight parts and I can’t recommend it more. Available wherever you get podcasts.

Eight: 'We Go All' Rabbit Hole

One QAnon believer’s journey through faith and loss — and what becomes of reality as we move online.
  1. Eight: 'We Go All'
  2. Seven: 'Where We Go One'
  3. Six: Impasse
  4. Five: The Accidental Emperor
  5. Four: Headquarters