This is beautiful. Conor J. O’Brien walking around the streets of Paris singing Villager‘s track ‘Home’. It’s one of my favourites from the album and I’m raging I missed his live dates recently. Watch it in full screen.

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Update: here’s another for ‘Set the tigers free

A nice touch

The Decemberists are a band based out of Portland, Oregan and do folk/alternative rock. A friend from Lucan gave me their album ‘The Crane Wife’ a couple of years ago and I loved it. I subsequently picked up a few more of their albums, highly recommend ‘The Hazards of Love’ by the way, and picked up a few bits on their online shop over Christmas. The order arrived last week and had a handwritten thanks on the order slip. I thought it was a nice touch. Here they are on Jools Holland last year:
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