Moment of Clarity

Am gradually realising the sheer amount of work that’s going to be required for Orion. One of the major issues is getting the architecture right in my head. I’m effectively dealing with two servers and then a client. The problem is that I want the whole program logic to be seperated from the presentation, not easy when you’re doing a project like this. Anyhow I have until the 27th so I’m determined to make it an excellent project. ๐Ÿ™‚

Saw XMen 2 last Thursday. Have to say I thought it was much better than the first one. If you haven’t seen it then make sure to go cos its a great start to the summer blockbuster season. Next up – The Matrix Reloaded.


Done and Dusted (well, almost)

Well the exams have finished. Had the last one on Wednesday which went quite well. Also had the Formal Ball on Wednesday night which was on in Clontarf Castle (a nice hotel along the coastline north of Dublin). Was a bit cheesed off about the closing time though as it finished at 1.30am with the bus not due until 2.30am! We toddled off to get a taxi so it wasn’t too bad. We got some nice photos of the night too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Watched the Matrix Revisited last night. It details the making of the first film and it goes into tremendous detail on the different sequences and effects. It gave me a real appetite for the new film which is released in just over a month here. I’m going to see if I can get Ryan (my editor) to get me a few tickets for some type of preview. Fingers crossed.

Half way there and no turning back

Well, I’ve completed two out of my four exams. The next one is tomorrow and could prove to be tough so a look of prep work needed today. The other one on Wednesday shouldn’t be too difficult and then it’s on to the college Formal Ball. ๐Ÿ™‚ Really looking forward to that.

Onto game related stuff now and my brother bought Metroid Prime for the Gamecube this week. I’ve been trying to steer clear of it due to the exams but have managed to squeeze in a couple of hours gameplay. Have to say, its one of the best games I’ve ever played with the perfect mix of exploring and first-person shooter elements. I also read a review Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution for Gamecube which has been released in Japan. I’m big into football games so hopefully it’ll get a release over here as it looks superb.

Exams Looming

Well, I’m but 6 days (including today) away from the exams. I’ve got 4 topics to cover namely: Distributed Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Strategic Management and E-Commerce. There’s quite a lot of material in them though so I’ll be doing a lot of hours over the next while. On a lighter note, we’ll all be going to the Formal Ball on the night we finish the exams. Should be a bit of a laugh and will serve to let off steam before we get stuck into the project for 5 weeks after that.

For any stateside visitors who are into technology you should think of going to Gnomedex. It’s a technology convention run by the great folk at Lockergnome. ๐Ÿ™‚ They publish weekly and daily newsletters about technology and, from what I hear, put on an excellent convention each year.

Friendly Fire

Well, the war has been on for 5 days now and I can’t say I agree with it. The media were tripping over themselves to report about a chemical weapons factory this morning but have since toned down their coverage pending a proper investigation. The whole justification for the war is based on the fact that the Allies believe that Saddam has chemicals of weapons of mass destruction. If it turns out he doesn’t then they’ll surely plant some on him. ๐Ÿ™

College has been really busy over the past while and it continues with an AI test tomorrow morning. After that I’m pretty free to work on Orion for about a week and a half. I’ll have to get some major development done then. Till next time.