Done and Dusted (well, almost)

Well the exams have finished. Had the last one on Wednesday which went quite well. Also had the Formal Ball on Wednesday night which was on in Clontarf Castle (a nice hotel along the coastline north of Dublin). Was a bit cheesed off about the closing time though as it finished at 1.30am with the bus not due until 2.30am! We toddled off to get a taxi so it wasn’t too bad. We got some nice photos of the night too. 🙂

Watched the Matrix Revisited last night. It details the making of the first film and it goes into tremendous detail on the different sequences and effects. It gave me a real appetite for the new film which is released in just over a month here. I’m going to see if I can get Ryan (my editor) to get me a few tickets for some type of preview. Fingers crossed.

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