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I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to cooking. I’ve got a couple of staple dishes that I’d cook up during the week but I wanted to branch out. One of my mates mentioned a service called DropChef and it piqued my interest. You sign up to the service and they’ll deliver ingredients and instructions for 3 meals to you every week. Delivery is included, all of the ingredients are fresh and you can skip weeks and cancel at any time.

I signed up early last month and have been eating much better since, along with sharpening the culinary skills of course. You can have a look at a couple of the dishes below. For me, a service like this is about top notch customer service and the quality of the ingredients. In the case of DropChef, they’ve both been exemplary. I really like their Cook One-Feed One link up with Valid Nutrition too. If you’re cooking for one, plans start from €29.85 and there’s ones for couples and families too.

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Decided I’d go against the norm here and post an actual blog comment 🙂

When I was just cooking for one I was lazy. Too lazy to stock up on stuff to cook with. Too lazy to go get fresh ingredients and there were a LOT of frozen pizzas and takeaways. Even now if I’m home alone it’s unlikely I’d put much effort into it. However and this may sound crazy I do love to cook. I’d also like to think I’m pretty good at it.

To me this deal sounds pricey as hell, but if I look at it as a learning experience it’s really not too bad. Taking into account time it’d take to go to the shop source the products, research a recipe and so on. However it’s pricey as hell because these days I cook for 3 (going on 4 once he gets onto solids). I cook biggish batches as well with left overs serving as lunch the next day for both Val and myself. This brings the price right the way down to anywhere between 1 to 3 euro per portion depending on what we’re having.

I may keep an eye on their weekly menus as well because some of those dishes sound rather tasty 🙂

Thanks for the comment James. 🙂 Definitely treating it as a learning experience and to be honest, I’ll willing to pay the premium for that. Will be cooking larger portions in future to do lunches etc but for the mo it’s single portions.

If you get into trying your own thing .. I really love I’ve an account and I save recipes on there all the time. I follow them on Facebook as well and get emails and you know a picture helps you go god that looks tasty and quickly save it to your folder. They send seasonal emails as well.

Each Monday I’m trying to try something new (pasta bakes for now which were outside my comfort zone but so incredibly easy once you start.)

I think there’s a meetup group now for dinners here in Nantes. A group of people 4 or 5 … get together weekly for a meal.

Food … it’s … GREAT 🙂

Hey Anthony,

We are delighted you are enjoying the experience, and love that you see what we are trying to do with our “Cook-One, Feed-One” program.

Also thanks for the feedback James, we completely understand how tough is to feed a family. Our meals start at 6.95 euro per full adult portion with our family plan. All of our dishes are full of very high quality locally sourced and seasonal produce.We launched back in August and would consider ourselves still a very young social enterprise, hopefully our costs will come down so we can serve even more customers like you.

We are all ways happy to answer any questions at

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