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The Square


There are so many quality documentaries being made these days and I came across ‘The Square’ last week when browsing Netflix. The film covers the ongoing rollercoaster that is The Egyptian Revolution. Through the news, we have only got a glimpse of the bloodiest battle, an election, or a million man march. At the beginning of July 2013, Egypt witnessed the second president deposed within the space of three years.

The film follows the inspirational story of young people claiming their rights, struggling through multiple forces, in the fight to create a society of conscience. One thing that struck me was the feeling that a secular society was viewed, by the majority of the young people featured, to be crucial for the future of the country. With the latest news of the death penalty verdicts for 683 people in a mass trial, it’s clear that Egypt is in a state of upheaval that could go on for many years.

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