Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat
There aren’t many TV shows that I would be bothered to write a blog post about but Fresh Meat is certainly one. I’d heard a couple of people mention it on Twitter so sought it out and am really glad I did. It’s created by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, who also created Peep Show and has had two series so far with a third commissioned. It centres around 6 university freshers and their shared house off campus. The characters are developed really well and some of the one liners they come out with are very, very funny (Jack Whitehall is a stand out). You can watch the entire thing online at 4OD so go do so when you’ve a few minutes.

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Couldn’t make it through more than a couple of episodes I’m afraid. Like most comedies about so-called student life it just ended up being predictable, stereotypical nonsense for me.

Ah crap. It doesn’t seem to be available on DVD in the States but I do know it’s available via “other” channels.

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