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Yes, it’s a retrospective blog post for the year ending. In fairness, I rarely do these things and wanted to acknowledge the amazing friends and family I have. I’m tremendously lucky to like what I do and I’m handed opportunities to do fantastic other stuff in my free time too. Here’s a few personal highlights from 2012:

A trip to Rathbeggan Lakes with Peter Donegan’s Garden Group (February 18th):
Rathbeggan Lakes

Spring Break 80s tribute band at the Button Factory (March 17th):

Spring Break

Visit my friend Cait in Athens (May 3rd to 8th):
My first trip to Greece and it was a particular highlight of the year.
The sun going down whilst we relaxed and drank cocktails

Cheese rolling in the Cotswolds (3rd – 5th June):
I don’t appear to have written anything up on this, which I’m surprised by. Myself, Darragh, Steph and Blots spent three days in the Cotswolds to witness cheese rolling on a really steep incline. Great craic.

My flatmate Ciaran moves to Toronto (29th June):
The football team

Steph moves in (8th August):

Dublin Tall Ships Festival (23rd – 16th August):

After hours tour at Dublin Zoo (13th September)

Spirit of Folk 2012 (21st – 23rd September):

Silent (11th October):
The most moving piece of theatre I’ve ever seen. I’d implore you to see it if you haven’t already. It’s on the 10-12th in Smock Alley Theatre (tickets).

Winning the Best Government & Council Web Award for 2012 (1st November)
Nice professional highlight that one

Watching the US Election results roll in whilst enjoying the hospitality of the American Embassy in the Guinness Storehouse (6th November)

Build 2012 (14th – 16th November):

Photo by @davymac
Photo by @davymac

There’s a hell of a lot more I haven’t included in there and it’s meant more for myself than anyone else. Health and happiness to you and yours for 2013.

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