Smithwick’s Pale Ale

Smithwick's Pale Ale

I’d marked Smithwick’s 300 year anniversary with a tour of the plant in Kilkenny late last year and there’s more news with the launch of a new brand, Smithwick’s Pale Ale. Launched this week, Pale Ale is craft brewed in individual batches using: aromatic Amarillo hops, 100% pale ale malt and the prized Smithwick’s yeast. It’s been nine months in development, is golden in colour and has a distinct full flavour.

I went along to Doheny & Nesbitt’s to chat to Billy Power, Smithwick’s Global Governance Director, who explained how Smithwick’s is well up in on and off license sales in the last 18 months. He said now is the right time for such a craft launch and it will be available in 350 outlets over the next couple of weeks (list of pubs here). I enjoyed the few taster pints we had with the distinction that the flavour was consistent right through to the last gulp. You can find out more on the Smithwick’s Facebook page and the Smithwick’s site.

Smithwicks Pale Ale Launch 5

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guinness cork jazz. smithwicks. i gotta key. when you know him as long as i do son you can call him John. that calls for a Carlsberg….. you. may. have. a. small. problem. anthony. ?

just saying 😉

😎 tried a pint of pale in Matt Molloy’s, Westport

exceedingly quaffable once you’ve waited ’til it’s warmed up. until last week Co. Mayo was an ale-free zone.
relief at last.

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