Fancy a Carribean adventure with the Captain?

A steel key in an envelope with the hashtag #theisland attached ? We were intrigued. The chatter rumbled on Twitter for the day but we’d get our answer on Thursday when this package arrived on my desk:
Captain Morgan - The Island

The Captain is back and is giving you the chance of being one of the Irish crew members heading to The Captain’s Island (from 9th – 14th October) in the Caribbean and battling it out against 13 other countries for a share of €15,000. So, what do you have to do to be in with a chance? Log on to the Captain’s Facebook and the Captain’s Island app on the left menu. You’ll need to collect 5 keys to be considered for the crew but I’ve given you your first one below (it’s cdamvg82nn):

Different challenges will be posted and on completion of each challenge the potential crew members will earn a key. Keys are also available through a variety of other ways including on promotional packs in supermarkets & off-licenses, in bars, at events and other secret locations. Mena Suvari will also be on hand as Captain Morgan’s official reporter, interviewing crew members and commentating on their progress as they compete in a series of physical and mental challenges for the Captain’s bounty. The closing date for crews to sign up and collect five keys is 18th September 2011. What are ya waiting for? Get going.

Captain Morgans
The discovery of the message from the Captain. It’s at the end of my road so I’m surprised I didn’t spot it when I got the bus that day. 🙂

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